Pilates is an “innovative method that educates, re-patterns and realigns your body/ Physicians, physical therapists, dancers and athletes view it as a powerful healing and educational physical training system.” – 14th National Conference on Chronic Disease Prevention 2000, U.S. Centers for Disease Control The connection between mind and body is particularly important for those with physical limitations, injuries, and chronic pain. By training both the mind and body, the Pilates Method enables you to break the cycle of injury, compensation, misalignment, and joint strain, all of which lead to increased movements done without impact. Consequently, muscle strength and range of motion increase, as does positive body awareness. All of these serve to protect against further injury. We successfully design programs for clients with fibromyalgia, scoliosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, back pain, and various injuries. “It is the mind itself which shapes the body.” – Friedrich von Schiller as quoted by Joseph Pilates