Astrid De Wild is the Grande Dame on the Central Coast of the traditional Pilates Method as practiced and taught by Joseph Pilates and those who followed him. To facilitate the practice of this traditional and timeless method, the De Wild Pilates Studio was designed to include the equipment necessary to get the best results for all clients. It is a spacious and pleasant, light-filled space in one of the signature buildings in downtown Santa Barbara. The 1500 square foot room accommodates private, semi-private and group instruction. Astrid and her personally trained instructors are certified, experienced and eager to supervise and motivate everyone regardless of their challenges or limitations. The mood is always positive. There is no competition. The client’s understanding and progress are the benchmarks of all training. It is a perfect environment in which to learn and practice the life-affirming benefits of the Pilates Method.

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ROM – A Perfect Complement to Pilates

Many of the principles of the ROM movement are similar to Pilates. You must make a complete eccentric and concentric motion with strength and balance for both to be effective. That’s what ROM – Range of Motion is all about. You must breathe properly. You must concentrate on form throughout the movements. And, like Pilates at DeWild Studio, you must make a genuine commitment to a long-term regimen that will transform your fitness level. I invite you to see and feel the difference adding the ROM to your workout will make.

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