“I am a lifelong athlete now in my glorious “golden” years. All of that athletic trauma has taken its toll on my ligaments and joints, making my hiking, cycling and golf less enjoyable than they should be. Some years ago, I began a regular program of restorative (gentle) yoga with the best instructors in town. I found some relief, but also some new injuries. Then, I tried Pilates with Astrid. WOW! Unlike the yoga, there is always someone right there to instruct me, the equipment is sheer genius for doing controlled and balanced exercise and the environment is perfect. After six months, I am visibly stronger. I have no injuries. Best of all, my aching back from golf has totally vanished. I have a strong core, I play without pain and am hitting the ball like I did twenty years ago! Thank you, Astrid.”
– Daniel, 65

“I started Pilates with Astrid in 2004. Since then, I have had 2 knee replacements; the right in 2011 and the left in 2013. My post-operative recovery and rehab would not have gone nearly as well or as rapidly with out the wonderful support and guidance of the knowledgeable and caring staff at De Wild.”
– Kathie R.N., 73

“I have found the De Wild Pilates program to be very helpful in addressing my back and neck problems resulting from numerous sports injuries.”
– Bart, 60

“I love Pilates, I have been on a twice a week schedule for at least 10 years. I find it keeps me fit, strong and feeling great. It is not only good for my body but for my spirit as well. I look forward to each session. As a lazy person who hates exercise, it works great for me.”
– Betty J. Stephens

“A few years ago, I had a hip replacement and followed it with months of physical therapy. I was still in pain and unable to walk correctly a year later. I started Pilates with Astrid at my husband’s insistence and was quickly on the road to health. I am now completely functional: walking, traveling and working. The orthopedic community should recognize the benefits of Pilates for arthritic people and those with replacements joints.”
– Catherine Bos